Dana ConnorsWelcome to the Maine State Chamber of Commerce!

Maine's rich history, vibrant communities, and unparalleled work ethic make our state a fabulous place to work and live. As the voice of Maine Business, we represent a network of 5,000 businesses of all sectors, sizes, and regions. We advocate on their behalf daily before the Legislature, state departments, and various levels of state government. We also offer many programs and partnerships to help you do what you do best ... run your business.

By supporting legislation that enables you to operate more efficiently and to invest in your employees and your company, we are proactively dedicated to making Maine an affordable and prosperous place to do business. We are also diligent in opposing legislation that will weaken Maine's ability to compete in a global and regional marketplace.

Rest assured - while you are working hard to make a living, we at the Maine State Chamber of Commerce are also hard at work supporting your ambition, tenacity, and Yankee ingenuity. Together, the voice of Maine business is strong and clear.

Dana Connors
Dana F. Connors
President, Maine State Chamber of Commerce