Subscriber Members: Subscriber members of the Maine State Chamber, receive Impact in either paper or electronic form, and are invited to all public Maine State Chamber functions, such as Strictly Socials, Annual Meeting, and Grassroots Forums. This includes non-profit organizations, as well as for-profit companies such as manufacturers, small retailers, etc.; some restrictions apply for organizations with multiple entities and locations and/or are part of a national corporation. Lobbyists, Government Affairs Counsel, Consultants, Accountants, Attorneys; some restrictions apply to member benefits.
“Investor” Level: As an “Investor,” a company is invited to participate in our legislative policy forums, held following the adjournment of the legislative session. In addition, a company fully qualifies to participate in any special public policy committees. “Investors” will also receive special listing on our website

(min. investment of $1,000; recommended for companies with a minimum of 50 full-time employees or equivalent)
“Business Advocate” Level: A company receives the above participation benefits listed for “Investors” and additionally, qualifies for employee grassroots support upon request. “Business Advocates” are encourage to participate on our public policy committees and participate in recommending policy positions to the Maine State Chamber’s Board of Directors.

(min. investment of $3,000; recommended for companies with a minimum of 150 or more full-time employees or equivalent)
“Cornerstone” Level: In addition to the above benefits, a company is eligible to participate in the annual meetings held directly with Legislative Leadership and top Administration Officials. Also, Cornerstone members will meet at least once annually with the Chamber’s senior staff, or may request a site visit for their senior management.

(min. investment of $10,000)
“President’s Circle” Level: In addition to the above benefits, companies will be invited to actively participate in the various forums discussing the Maine State Chamber’s targeted public policy issues. President’s Circle members can request exclusive small group meetings with legislative leadership and/or top administration officials.

(min. investment of $25,000)
“Chairman’s Circle” Level: In addition to the above benefits, Chairman’s Circle members will receive weekly advocacy briefings during the legislative session via e-mail. These members will also be listed as featured sponsors of two of the Chamber’s major events.

(min. investment of $35,000)
If you would like to speak to a member of our staff regarding membership, please call 207.623.4568, ext. 113