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August 3, 2015
  • A session not quickly forgotten
  • President's Message: "Not all was lost - but less was gained than initially anticipated..."
  • Tax reform takes center stage this session
  • Minimum wage issue looms ahead in 2016
  • Legislature rejects call center bill
  • Concealed carry bill won't mean new changes for employers
  • Many bills try to attach criteria to receipt of business tax programs, threatening future investment
  • Legislature crushes economic opportunity - potential jobs lost
  • Education committee stays the course on education standards and proficiency-based learning
  • Legislature enacts OPEGA tax expenditure review
  • LCRED committee winds down a busy session
  • "Tax haven" legislation defeated in non-concurrence between House and Senate
  • New markets tax credit is valuable
  • Environment and Natural Resource committee votes to support Maine's chemical regulation law
  • An overview of key legislation signed into law this session
        ...and much more.