Led by the Maine State Chamber of Commerce, the Keep Maine Competitive coalition is a group of business and trade associations working to strengthen Maine’s economy.

The Coalition’s primary focus this legislative session is the repeal of the 3% income tax surcharge imposed by last fall's referendum question. Through this citizen's initiative process funded by out-of-state dollars, the voters told the Maine Legislature that they wanted more money for education. While the coalition and Maine’s business community agree that more funding is needed for education, a significant tax increase is the wrong solution and will have a devastating effect on Maine's economy.
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Update from the Statehouse
July 1, 2017
  Statement from
Keep Maine Competitive

June 2017
  ACTION ALERT from the
Maine State Chamber
Repeal the 3 percent surtax
Contact your Legislator TODAY!
  President’s Message
“Surtax threatens the state’s economic stability and predictability...”
Comparing ME/NH income tax owed with 3% tax   Wall Street Journal:
"Connecticut, Nation's Wealthiest State, May be Tapped Out on Taxing the Rich"
  Call to Action from
Keep Maine Competitive
  Fact Sheet from
Keep Maine Competitive